Do you have a skill, competency or level of expertise that the world can benefit from? Why not package it in an online course? In this 4-week virtual session, I'll be sharing best practices for how to build your online course from start to finish. I'll even share some of the tools that I've used to create professional courses on a limited budget. Each session is two hours in length facilitated via the Zoom platform. We invite you to join the fun!

Here's the 4-week Virtual Training Agenda:

Week 1 - May 4

Week 2 - May 11

Week 3 - May 18

Week 4 - May 25

"The Nuts & Bolts of Online Learning"

"Creating Your Content Blueprint"

"Building Your Content and Engagement Factors "

"Packing Your Content to Sell On Demand"

Register for the Virtual Training Series

This course requires the completion of a 5-minute assessment. Upon registration, you will receive a link to complete your assessment. 

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