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My andragogical approach to learning and development is to use a mixture of reading, writing, role-playing, and discussion to explore issues and relate them to the lives of my learners and myself. A basic premise for any course that I teach is that both my learners and I bring to the learning environment a wealth of knowledge from our personal and professional experiences. Those experiences coupled with empathy, transparency, and accountability to transform skills into performance is typically the ground upon which my courses yield the highest return on investment for everyone involved.  

The health of an organization determines its future. For this reason, many companies are relying on Organizational Development (OD) experts to re-purpose business objectives with meaningful initiatives that focus on producing top talent and a highly engaged work culture. As both an OD practitioner and an advocate, I know firsthand the cost associated with lack of or misaligned business and people development strategies, so I’ve created a few programs, tools, and resources that will enable companies to better align these two important elements of business to achieve desired results.

Diversity & Inclusion

Create culture champions who will help sustain your competitive edge.

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Build your internal succession bench one leader at a time.

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Performance Coaching

Develop skills in the areas that impact your best on-the-job performance.

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Masterclass Listings

Take advantage of self-paced and LIVE masterclass sessions.

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Instructor-Led Training

Attend a LIVE in-person instructor-led training session while engaging in activities that support the learning objectives. 

LIVE Online Training

Access the classroom environment from the comfort of your preferred learning space with LIVE online instructor-led training options.

On-Demand Training

Learn at your own pace with the on-demand training catalog that includes current and archived training sessions.

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